Rethink!Why should not we support people in their home countries and make sure there are same rights, same chances, and same perspectives all over the world? How would our world look like when there is no one supporting anyone? Help us to make this world (where we are living in) as fair as possible. We want to get in distance from everyday racism, discrimination, Stereotypes, drawers thinking as well as cliché thinking and exclusion. We support because we are convinced in a community its easier and more efficient to reach goals sustainably. But we cannot do it alone we need you! Away from egoism towards a WE-Feeling. Change of society starts in individual heads!

About Us

Freunde und Förderer HoPe Ghana e.V. is a support association founded in December 2019. At our foundation we consisted of a team of 7 people. When we were founded, we consisted of a team of 7 volunteers, now we consist of 11 volunteers, who all take care of the organization of this association besides their job and studies.

Our executives consists of four people.

  • Jolina Oelsner, the executive chairman
  • Florian Oelsner, chairman
  • Richard Lüdtke, public relations
  • Ines Oelsner, treasurer